How to apply

The Charity of William Williams
A grant making Charity established in 1621

We are able to consider requests for grants from from individuals resident in the Postcode areas of:

  • Blandford Forum
  • Sturminster Newton
  • Shaftesbury

who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

If we are able to help then we aim to provide goods or services direct to an applicant, we do not award cash grants.

In addition, to consider educational grants for persons who are preparing for, entering upon, or engaged
in any trade occupation or profession who is doing so with the aim “as will fit them to earn their own living or advance them in life”.
This includes apprenticeships, training, college courses and university degrees.

Data Protection Statement.
The Charity of William Williams is compliant with Data Protection Regulations.


Any applicant must read and sign our Privacy Notice before any application can be processed.

Please note that any necessary meetings with minors or learning disabled or vulnerable adults will only be held in the presence of their parents, guardian or responsible adult.

Please click a link that is relevant for the application you wish to make

General Relief in Need application
Educational application
Applications from Organisations


General Relief in Need

Applicants must write in the first instance either to the office address or direct to one of the local town administrative trustees.
Initial telephone enquiries are acceptable.

Your letter must include the following details:-

  • Your Name / current address / telephone number / email (if preferred)
  • Length of residence in the relevant town (previous place of residence if less than a year)
  • Some Personal background / circumstances and relevant information in support of your application
  • Reason for applying
  • Financial circumstances including income and main expenditure and whether or not you are in receipt of benefits. Please Note: evidence of income will be required.

Any additional Letters of Support from Social Services, GP’s, Citizen’s Advice Bureaux, Healthcare Workers, or similar organisations are helpful.

Upon receipt of your application the Town Trustee will arrange to meet with you to discuss your application.

Please note: The Charity is unable to award grants for debt or for rent / mortgage arrears and also does not award cash grants.

Educational Application

Please note there is an annual cut-off date in September which is stated on the Application forms, however Trustees may consider applications outside of that time frame in cases of need.
To qualify for an educational grant an applicant must be a permanent resident in one of the three towns (literally the footprint of each town and not the periphery villages) mentioned above, and preferably have lived there for a minimum of one year. The enclosed Forms ‘A’ and ‘B’, , must also be completed and Trustees must be satisfied that the applicant is “preparing for, entering upon or engaged in any trade occupation or profession……” is doing so with the aim “as will fit them to earn their own living or advance them in life”.

Due to the increased number of applications from the three towns and the finite nature of the funds available to the Charity, the Trustees found it necessary, from 2008, to require parental income to be taken into account. Therefore those students whose parental/household annual income exceeds £40,000 net per annum will not generally be considered eligible in the future. However, certain extenuating circumstances may be considered. Please contact your town Trustee in the first instance to discuss your situation.

Subject to receipt of Form A (completed by the student) and Form B (completed by the student’s parent or guardian) before the deadline, a Trustee from the town in which the student resides will meet with them to discuss their application. Any award will be advised post the Full Board of Trustees meeting held in September each year.

To apply please complete the appropriate form ‘A’ , ‘B’ and Privacy Notice for your town and send together with a covering letter giving information about your education, background and yourself  preferably direct to that particular town (Trustees) or to the Charity’s office (contact us page)


Student Form (A) Download Download Download
Parent / Guardian Form (B) Download Download Download
Privacy Notice (Must be completed) Download Download Download

Note: The above forms require Adobe Acrobat – if you are unable to save or view the forms please download Acrobat from here

Last Form Update: 24-05-2023

Applications from Organisations

Trustees will only be able to consider applications from organisations with offices based within the footprints of one of the three towns of Blandford Forum, Sturminster Newton or Shaftesbury.

The organisation must be offering assistance which falls within the remit of the Charity’s aims and objectives to individuals resident in one of the three towns.

Please write in the first instance to the address on the (Contact us page) advising of the reason for the application and giving background information about your organisation (a leaflet for example is always helpful), in particular the type of assistance given to local residents.  It would also be helpful to provide financial details of your organisation.  Trustees will need to be assured that the organisation is sound and will require sight of the last audited accounts.

The Town Trustee will liaise with your organisation prior to your application being put to the next appropriate Board of Trustees’ meeting.